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How-to Remove Specific Site Cookies in Google Chrome Pastries. No, not the delightful kind with the chocolate, mister, thclean my mac reviewsicing. Web snacks are being talked about by me. Little pieces of information stored in your web-browser comprised of text strings.Most often, so you don't need to feedback them every time you search for with a website which you frequent they are used to store such things as usernames. As a result, they're harmless points that are little, just wanting to make your web searching a little more easy. Now, occasionally you dont wish your username to become immediately inserted over a website anymore. Usually, you'd have to remove all the biscuits stored by your browser, however how about the ones you need to preserve? It is useful to be able to get rid if you are financing your computer for your Mama, your envious ex or, lord forbid, save your Facebook username, of snacks that say.

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In those circumstances, it can help to...